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Alberta Business Directory Inc.
is an Alberta-based company setting new standards for software and communications technology to manage the most comprehensive, flexible and searchable Alberta Business Directory. All business listings are completely free of charge and are updated weekly. The free listing includes your Alberta business name, street or mailing address and telephone number. 
Systems platform and base technologies
As the world's leading software providers, Microsoft strives to produce innovative products that meet customers' evolving needs.
Destination Information Provider
As a leading provider of destination information solutions, MapQuest.com provides maps and driving directions to consumers both on and off-line. For businesses, MapQuest provides a full range of mapping and routing services.
Digital Media Works
Graphic Tools and Services
Digital Media Works offers video graphics tools and services allowing users to develop graphics and video content and to deliver it over the Internet. DMW offers a free banner creation service to Black Sea Technology through the Business Control Panel.
Get expert advice and services
Exp.com brings together those seeking advice and those who wish to provide it. What do Black Sea Members do when they need advice on running their business? They go to the Black Sea Business Control Panel(tm) and use exp.com where they can find experts in nearly 100 different categories who are ready to assist them. And if a Black Sea member is an expert in a particular field, they can make themselves available to those in need.
Full-service printing
iPrint.com, is the leading provider of print and private-labeled print services focused on the business market. They offer a one-stop online solution to address a wide array of custom-printing needs. The iPrint.com online print solution is designed to be much easier, more convenient, and cost-effective than traditional printing alternatives.
Online education
Whether you're a student or a stay-at-home parent, a retiree or a seasoned executive, Learn2.comís Tutorials.com is your destination for entertaining, high-impact learning.

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