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What types of services does Blacksea provide?
Blacksea allows a small business to create and maintain a multi-page Website with immediate access to our do-it-yourself Web building services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we offer e-commerce services, Website marketing, Web Customization and much, much more. Blacksea services are extensive and constantly improving to provide you with a wide range of customization, marketing, and development tools.

For what type of small business is a Blacksea Website solution best suited?
Your business! Blacksea provides small businesses just like yours the support, education, and tools to get your business online. This is how you take advantage of the power of the Internet. There isn't a business today that can't benefit from the added credibility a Website affords. Our primary objective is to help you create a Website that will expand your relationship with customers and serve as a powerful sales, marketing, and communications vehicle. Whether you choose to take a passive role in maintaining your Website, or you want a more active role in updating and changing the look and feel, Blacksea will make sure that your needs are met.


I already have a successful small business. Why would I need a Website?
This is our favorite question here at Blacksea. It is NOT our mission to change the way you do business, because no one knows and understands your business better than you do. It is our goal to ADD VALUE TO YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS by allowing you to take advantage of the many valuable opportunities the Internet has to offer. Your competition is on the Internet! Your customers may "click" onto their Website if they can't find yours. So, we want to help you take your business a step further and stay ahead of the game.


What are Premier Services?
Premier services are the three Website solution packages offered by Blacksea. They can be purchased through authorized resellers. We have "bundled" our most popular Premier Services for ease and convenience as you begin to profit from using the Internet. With every level of service, we provide monthly Search Engine Submission, your own unique Web address (www.yourchoice.com), an advertisement-free Website, and outstanding customer support. 


How do I choose which Blacksea package works best for my business and can I change my mind later?
The term Premier Services refers to the valuable tools we offer at Blacksea like Search Engine Submission, Unique Domain Name, Unique E-mail, online Catalog and many more. We have "bundled" these services together in three separate packages to best suit our Members. We make it affordable to have a professional Internet presence and offer flexibility to help your business grow and change in the future. Our Internet Business Coaches are available to help you choose the most effective package for you. 

How can Blacksea bring new customers to my Website?
Whether you are talking to customers locally or across the world, Blacksea offers a variety of ways to steer traffic to your Website. Our Premier services, such as monthly Search Engine Submissions, are effective tools for directing new customers to your Website. By incorporating even more of our advanced services and marketing techniques into your existing site, you'll quickly discover how powerful this can be when it comes to attracting more customers - and more new business! 

I would like some help making changes and enhancing the look and feel of my Website. Can Blacksea help me? 
Absolutely! We have a wide range of assistance available including customization services. Your Website is the first impression that the outside world has of your business and we understand the importance of having it look just right. Our Internet Business Coaches are available to help you take the next step. 

I already have a Unique Domain Name (www.mycompany.com). Can I use that address and still take advantage of the Blacksea service?
Of course! Simply contact one of our Internet Business Coaches. They will guide you through the easy process of transferring your Personalized Internet Address to Blacksea.

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